Welcome to Arid Hills Gaming, home of high quality, low cost resin scenery and terrain.  We know that wargaming can be an expensive hobby and that it's often as much about having a really good looking army as it is actually gaming.  With all the effort you put into your armies, it's only fair that the battlefield should complement them.


That's where we come in.  With our range of resin scenery you can have an awesome looking battlefield in no time - leaving you more time for your armies.  And because our scenery is resin, it's solid and resistant to damage whilst still being easy to drill, sand and otherwise convert for that truly unique look.  Why not browse through our categories or if you're hunting for a particular style of scenery or terrain piece, why not use the search function to go straight to it? 


And remember, we're constantly adding to our range so even if we don't have what your after now, chances are we will soon.  Keep an eye out for factory second specials and discount deals.


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Arid Hills Gaming is proud to announce that we now stock Pig Iron Productions.  We will be adding steadily to this product line as time goes on. 



Ironside Main Battle Tank

Shown above is the Pig Iron 'Ironside Main Battle Tank' - a truly impressive resin and metal model, suitable for any 28mm scaled science fiction setting.


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Heavy Infantry Missile Teams
Pig Iron Productions

Price: $21.99 Add Heavy Infantry Missile Teams to Cart


Heavy Infantry Laser Teams
Pig Iron Productions

Price: $21.99 Add Heavy Infantry Laser Teams to Cart


Heavy Infantry Command Squad
Pig Iron Productions

Price: $21.99 Add Heavy Infantry Command Squad to Cart


Heavy Infantry Chain Gun Teams
Pig Iron Productions

Price: $21.99 Add Heavy Infantry Chain Gun Teams to Cart


Ironside Main Battle Tank
Pig Iron Productions

Price: $68.95 Add Ironside Main Battle Tank to Cart

Earthshaker 1.jpg

Heavy Cannon Weapons Platform
Arid Hills Gaming

Price: $30.00 Add Heavy Cannon Weapons Platform to Cart

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